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Tire Studding

Tire Studding

Your choice of studded or non-studded winter tires depends on your needs. Both alternatives are wear-resistant and have superb driving qualities. By knowing their special characteristics, you can choose whether or not you need tire studding.

Snowy or Icy Roads
If you drive more on icy roads than on snowy ones in winter, studded tires are the choice for you. Studded tires are especially suitable if you live near the coast, where roads tend to be icy during the winter. Non-studded winter tires are a good choice for snowy roads.

Wet Ice and Packed Snow
If you have non-studded winter tires, you need to be particularly careful at crossroads etc. where there may be wet ice or hard-packed snow. Studded tires are superior to non-studded winter tires on wet ice and hard-packed snow.


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